Welcome to Treetop Acres

Treetop Acres is not your average Choose and Cut operation.

Customers tell us tales of walking for miles and being unable to find the perfect tree at other tree farms. That won’t happen at Treetop Acres. We are a compact tree farm (23-acres) with perfectly manicured Christmas trees. You’re biggest problem will be deciding which beautiful tree you want!

Owned and operated by John and Vicki Fuerch, Treetop Acres is located in Niagara County, NY and has been specifically dedicated to growing Christmas trees for the past 33 years. The farm has 3,000 trees available for cutting during this year’s Christmas season.

Treetop Acres offers Fir (Douglas, Canaan, Concolor and a few Frasers) and Spruce (Colorado Blue, Colorado Green and Myers) trees.

Quality products

John, a perfectionist, pampers each tree in order to bring it to its fullest potential.

Choose and Cut

The farm offers cut-your-own Christmas trees (Choose and Cut) for customers who are looking for that “traditional experience.” Cut down your own tree and bring it back to your car on a sled (we provide the sled!) or an attendant at the farm will gladly cut one for you.

Full service

We cut or dig your tree and will deliver it to your doorstep.